Aims & Objectives

Aims of MIG

1. To impart information and knowledge aimed at building and promoting good governance to local level institutions/community/primary stakeholders for up scaling people’s zeal in participation while ensuring sustainability of development programmes.
2. To provide inputs for strengthening grass root processes of democratic institutions infusing transparency and accountability in governance.

Objectives of MIG

1. Serve as the apex level resource institute for development of democratic governance and for ensuring impact across and among different strata of the society.
2. Work with government departments and other stake holders to analyse key issues in governance, identify solutions, help develop action plans and support implementation of these plans and the reform agenda.
3. Act as a think tank and help translate government goals, objectives and policy priorities and reform agenda into tangible reform actions with focus on principles and practices of good governance.
4. Identify those areas for change that will make the most impact in improving performance and policy making in government and enable it to respond better to the needs of the people.
5. Create a repository of best practices, methodologies and tools in governance reforms including successful e-governance applications.
6. Support change management and management development in government to effectively carry forward governance reforms and to develop a reform communication strategy for wider implementation.
7. Undertake capacity building of stakeholders (Govt. & Non-Govt) including local governance institutions and community based organizations.
8. Provide technical support and advisory services to the state and local governments in the areas of action research, change management, design and implementation of governance reforms, including administrative reforms.
9. Provide awareness and awakening programme on the importance of good governance as the cornerstone of peace and progress in the society.
10. Provide support for conflict resolutions for the community institutions.
11. Provide inputs for drafting social regulations/social agreements/resource agreements/terms of reference.
12. Provide support on empowerment for promotion of community and participatory values and ethos
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