There is no alternative to good governance. It is the correlation between good governance and social mobilisation which go hand-in-hand in making any social development scheme successful and sustainable. A robust and effective model of good governance is not only a sturdy pedestal for the launch of such schemes, but it ensures that the scheme meets the objectives which it is set out to achieve.

In the context of Meghalaya, concerted efforts are being done to develop a partnership model of development based on promoting livelihoods based on sustainable management of natural resources. The flagship intervention, Integrated Basin Development and Livelihoods Programme (IBDLP), launched by the Government of Meghalaya in April 2012 seeks to achieve its goal of a poverty free Meghalaya, by creating a framework of good governance – one that is based on a participatory and transparent approach that is intricately woven into everyday execution of government schemes.

The strongest pillar of MBDA which is good governance and is put to action by Meghalaya Institute of Governance (MIG), one of the three nodal agencies of MBDA. MIG has made successful inroads while implementing governance reforms, administrative initiatives, and institutional reforms and induces multi-stakeholder partnership to foster growth-oriented and people-centred inclusive governance in Meghalaya.

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